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Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is going to come down hard on traders and business operators who are still using plastic straws and for failing to comply with the use of biodegradable packing products in the federal capital.

Starting from 1/3/2020, DBKL is taking stern action on anyone who failed to comply with the plastic ban. Any business operators or traders who are found to be using banned plastic straws would be subject to enforcement under the Local Council Act 1976. They could be served with a RM1,000 compound or fines up to RM2,000, other than losing their trading licence and their rights over the deposit with City Hall.

Save Our Earth. Reduce Plastic Waste.

Why Paper Straws?

According to a 2017 study from researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA, 91% of the plastic we use is not recycled and instead ends up in landfills or into the ocean. 8.1% of them are plastic straws and stirrer.

Plastic straws often don’t get recycled because they are small and inconspicuous. So much so that people often forget they are plastic and do not recycle them. Straws that do get recycled often don’t make it through the mechanical recycling sorter because they are so small and lightweight.

We are in a situation where a replacement for plastic straw is necessary and this replacement must be environmental friendly. Paper straw is an excellent replacement for plastic straw. Paper straw is made of food grade paper and is 100% biodegradable.

Only The Best Paper Straws only supplies paper straws of the best quality. Our paper straws are made of food grade kraft paper and are conform to the FDA requirements. They can be used in different kind of beverages and are durable enough to last through your entire drink.

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SGS Test Result Conforms to FDA Requirements

Paper straws by are lab tested to ensure that they are conformed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.


Product Specifications

Packaging Details
Packaging Type Non-individually Wrapped
Quantity 100 pieces/pack
100 packs/box
Weight 120g/pack
Product Specifications
Material Food Kraft Paper
Color White
Straw Diameter 6/8/10/12mm or Custom Size
Straw Length 197/210mm or Custom Size
Shape Straight Tube
Bevel With/Without
Individual Wrapper Yes/No
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