UINLUI Baby Feeding Set

Uinlui Baby Feeding Set

A baby feeding set is essential for your baby and toddler because of the importance of feeding. Feeding a baby and toddler is a very important task, therefore we need to have the appropriate feeding set.

Babies eat a lot, and they don’t know how to use a spoon or a fork, so they rely on parents or caregivers to feed them. Toddlers, however, are in the learning stage to handle cutlery set such as a bowl, a cup, a spoon or a fork. This often guarantees to a big mess during meals. Therefore it is important to find the right feeding set for your baby and toddler.

We are happy to introduce the UINLUI Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box.

Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box


Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box

The UINLUI suction Baby angel Tray Gift Box brings together UINLUI’s best products!

Baby feeding set that comes with various colours and functions that are specially designed for babies and toddlers. These kids cutlery can help your babies and toddlers who are 6 months and older to develop their own eating habits.

The 8 pieces kids cutlery set consists of Baby Angel Tray, Tray Cover, Suction Wide Bowl, Spoon, Fork, Feeding Spoon, Angel Cup & Snack Cap.


Angel Baby Tray + Tray Cover

Baby Angel Tray & Tray Cover

Suction Wide Bowl

300ml Suction Wide Bowl

Angel Cup + Snack Cap

Angel Cup & Snack Cap

Spoon, Fork, Feeding Spoon

Spoon, Fork & Feeding Spoon

Exciting Colour

Colours play an important role in the to impact your baby’s mood, emotional wellbeing, productivity, learning and behaviour. UINLUI Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box comes in 6 exciting colour variation sets for you to choose from.

Aqua Blue
Banana Yellow
Berry Pink
Coral Peach
Lime Green


Safe For Your Baby & Mother Nature

The components of the UINLUI Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box is made of 100% biodegradable Coconut based TECO Plastic. It is toxin free and is safe to be used for handling food for your baby and toddler.


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